322: Love

3121 (2006)
Originally a sweet little acoustic, airy number, Prince decided to armour up the amour for Love’s eventual release, putting his full force behind a loving but scolding message to his fanbase. You’re cordially invited to stop giving him your wishlists and sass and please find enclosed a top-drawer dance beat to show there’s no hard feelings. This series of admonishments is what Michael and Janet’s Scream would sound like if their tabloid-bashing tirade was toned down and interrupted with choruses of inspirational poetry that you normally find overlaying sunsets and waterfalls on Instagram. Shots fired with a loving kiss.

  • Scott Thompsett

    There is an acoustic version of this? I have not heard it. Have you?

  • Scott Thompsett

    I did not even know this existed. I thought I “cough” had heard everything. The truth is one of my favorite albums (not yours evidently by the rankings thus far) and this fits nicely. When was this ever played anywhere?

    • 500 Prince Songs

      It was steamed on 3121.com

      And I love The Truth. Still got six to go on that album.