433: Comeback

The Truth (1998)
Three years after this was released a uni-mate I was sharing a house with requested to listen to all of my Prince albums. He wasn’t a fan but wished to give his discography a once-over to see what the (or rather my) fuss was about. Eager to convert, over the course of the following weeks I sent them to his room, five at a time, loaded up in my clear plastic Crystal Ball CD tray. There were a few songs here and there that he liked, the rockier ones, but only one album consistently did it for him: The Truth. And it’s easy to see why. If you’re not a fan of his studio theatrics you’d have to have a hard soul not to be felled by his songwriting prowess laid bare on this very-close-to-unplugged album. It’s unfortunate that more people didn’t get to hear it, piggybacking as it did on an expensive four or five CD package, putting off newcomers and fair-weather fans alike. I believe the Purple Army would have seen a flood of conscripts if it had been given its own individual spotlight but hidden gems shine brightest. Comeback is one of the gentler tracks on this acoustic album and certainly the most spiritual, with lyrics concerning the afterlife and returning spirits. Written in the aftermath of his son’s death it acquires renewed resonances since Prince’s passing. Not many could reach the end of the song’s two heartrending minutes on April 21, 2016. Tears go here.