500: Venus de Milo

Parade (1986)
This list’s only purely instrumental track (apologies Madhouse fans) mostly makes the cut by being imbued by the aura of Parade. It’s the cooling zephyr at the end of side 1 after you’ve been pummelled by mind-altering, percussive bad-assery for 18 minutes. A decompression chamber filled with all the notes Miles didn’t play. A respite before you’re plunged straight back into the pulverising, new funk of Mountains on the reverse. It’s hard to keep in your mind – very much like the film it featured in – but when experienced in its album’s habitat it can feel like that scene in Trainspotting when Renton dives into the lavatorial, blue azure.

  • Vincent

    Keep up the brilliant work, I love it! But I am a tiny bit surprised that this is the only purely instrumental track in your list; I would have expected God (instrumental) but hey, to each his own 🙂

    • Tora Tora

      God is in there but I would say the vocal version in more well known. Technically I’ve already contradicted myself as I’ve included Wet Dream Cousin – maybe I should update it to say Venus De Milo is the only instrumental to have a slot to itself.