144: Get Wild

Prêt A Porter (1994) / Exodus (1995)
The Exodus party kicks off with this hedonistic cathedral built on sacred pagan soil. On the surface it may revere Versace and seem overly concerned with your outfit but underneath the high fashion lustre lies the sweat and beer of the mosh pit. Mosh Chic. The co-opted power of the old gods lies in the promise of the ego-stripping moment when the crowd consumes the self and you become a multi-limbed organism throbbing to the room’s heartbeat. But the only way to get that sensation is to be deep within a thronging mass and I fear the window has now passed for this song. My only faint hope is to hear a DJ pluck this NPG single out of obscurity and galvanise a primed crowd to fuse into a unified consciousness. Only then can I truly say I’ve heard Get Wild.