200: Chaos and Disorder

Chaos and Disorder (1996)
Born out of the sea-foam of Peach, Chaos and Disorder was an after-show finishing coda that grew up to become the title track of Prince’s 18th album. It started off as the snarling riff you can hear at the climax of the Sacrifice of Victor video. Young and green but already red in tooth and claw, it soundtracks Mayte stage-diving into a pogoing crowd and ends with Prince smashing his guitar on the floor. Rock and roll that would shred the clothes on your back given half a chance. Studio time would later tame the beast into a song, adorning it with wry lyrics and forcing it to perform stunts with record scratches, Double Barrel samples and (proving the fruit doesn’t fall far from the peach tree) plenty of sound effects. Your clothes are now safe but maybe insure your guitar before cranking up the volume.