170: Elixer

Elixer (2009)
The story goes that Prince and Bria Valente recorded Elixer when they grew tired of waiting for a new Sade album to arrive. Had they waited a year longer the Essex smooth-jazz siren would break her 10-year hiatus with Soldier of Love and Valente’s debut may never have materialised. This would have deprived us of its sole highlight: the title track – a succulent cherry sitting atop a mound of beige mulch. It really is the album’s one saving grace and I find it telling that it’s the only song Prince contributed his vocals to. It was also his last released collaboration with Clare Fischer – a 22-year working relationship ending with an explicit cunnilingus string-fest. And in case the title’s spelling didn’t tip you off that they do actually sing “he licks her”, Prince eschews all plausible deniability by following it up with a crooned “yes he does!” That is a pun he wants you to get. Take that, prudes!