248: 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton

The Black Album (1987)
Prince and Sheila E’s instrumental funk jam is an elbows-out, jostling tour de force. If you need to move through a crowd with haste, put this in your earbuds and go hell for leather. It reminds me of a time in France when I was followed by a friendly goat for several miles. I couldn’t escape him. No matter how often I thought I’d shook him off, within moments I’d hear the familiar bleats and he’d appear around the corner. Part of my journey home included a walk along a beach; my perfect chance to outrun the pursuer, especially as it was the hottest day of the year and the world and its wife were there. I ran full tilt, leaping over holidaymakers and sandcastles, certain that I’d lose my caprine admirer in the crowd. But no, after five minutes I looked back and saw the goat steadily trailing me, trampling surprised sunbathers underhoof. That’s what 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton is to me: a persistent and unpredictable bundle of art and mischief, with a wake of destruction that only an amorous goat could leave.