422: Chocolate Box

MPLSound (2009)
With a nod to Messrs Shakespeare and Gump, shall I compare thee to a box of chocolates? Here Prince offers us an assorted selection of Synth Swirls, Disco Tom-Toms, Guitar Plucks and Drum Snaps. There’s a retro Q-Tip Creme, a flavour that was everywhere in the nineties but leaves little impression here. A Chilli Chocolate that induces involuntary panting. A Nutty Cheer that tastes of B-A-N-A-N-A-S. And a medley of flavours that seem like synthesised favourites from your youth – Eighties Classic and Neptunes Crunch – but adroitly handled by a master (the master) chocolatier. To wring the last dregs of life from this metaphor it’s also sadly true that after repeated consumption of this particular box you start to feel a bit nauseous. I don’t advise consuming ten in a row like I just have.