224: Supercute 

Supercute single (2001) / The Chocolate Invasion (2004)
Supercute was released as a concert-only single and earmarked for the shelved High album. It has a showtune vibe – a red light West Side Story or Grease – where the protagonist Prince sings about his summer nights lover and an entourage of Other Princes join in on the chorus. But things get x-rated fast. The tale begins with the jet sound effect from the late-nineties tracks White Mansion and Come On. It’s his love interest arriving on a 747, but it’s not the only noise we’ll hear that’s a low, humming drone. Later on, the story focuses on toys. And not ones Pixar would write an animated film about, although they may well be called Buzz and Woody. This is the part where Tony/Danny pleasures Maria/Sandy with a vibrator whilst trying to get her to confess her private joy technique. And on a post-2000 Prince single too? Egads! Contrary to popular belief the smut didn’t stop when the cussing did.