413: 200 Balloons

Batdance single (1989) / The Hits/The B Sides (1993)
Outnumbering Nena’s balloons by 101 and intended to be just as destructive, 200 Balloons was written for the parade scene in Tim Burton’s Batman where the float-riding Joker throws handfuls of cash to the Gotham crowd before the planned release of the poisonous gas filled orbs. As an aside, have you ever paid attention to the translated lyrics of 99 Red Balloons? They’re completely batshit crazy! This is no sane fish itself though and gave birth to the even more bonkers Batdance, which began life as a 200 Balloons remix but ended up usurping its place on the album. Relegated to B-side status, this buoyant pop song channels the Joker beautifully, with a maniacally upbeat attitude which gradually unravels into fragmented lunacy. Like Prince sings: his “funk is multilayered” and there’s samples of Mavis Staples singing “get your house in order” and Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic chants also thrown into the mix. Ultimately his Baby I’m a Star cheap knock-off Trust was used in the film instead, matching the director’s original vision but making the accompanying soundtrack album weaker as a result.