404: Kiss Me Quick

Unreleased (1979?)
A revving motorbike kickstarts this vault song and sends Prince, decked out in Gucci leathers and seaside town merchandise, off down a dirt track of discotheque funk backed by a neon sunset. Differing sources date Kiss Me Quick from anytime between 1979 and 1981 but the simple, falsetto-sung lyrics indicate the earlier end of the timescale and as usual for that era are the weakest element. Full of “pretty baby”s and “honey”s the only interesting aspect is that they’re seemingly sung from a female perspective, meaning it was probably earmarked for one of his protégés. The music suffers from no such greenery though and the chugging bassline and driving synths are four cylinders of dance funk mastery. Echoing the abandonment issues of the subject matter the song fades out much too early, leaving us alone as Prince disappears over the disco horizon into the eighties where women, not girls, rule his world.