423: Escape

Glam Slam single (1988) / The Hits/The B sides (1993)
The full title of this B side is Escape (Free Yo Mind From This Rat Race) and it almost didn’t chart in this top 500 due to it edging close to Glam Slam remix territory. There’s not a lot to the song but what there is works hard and eclipses many of Prince’s more intricate and over-thought arrangements, including over two thirds of the meticulously produced Emancipation album. When a beat’s this good, who needs window dressing? Escape starts with a dawn raid hammering followed by Prince conducting the snare drum into a funky ass groove. Then you’re hit with a bassline so heavy you could rest a round of beers on it. Sprinkle with crowd-noise and repeat until dancing. The version on 1993’s The B Sides compilation fades out halfway through so you’re denied the pleasure of hearing Eric Leeds’ saxophone stretch its legs and Prince’s final “crucifixion goin’ down, down, down…” pay-off. If the edit’s the only version you own, ditch it in search of the full length. You can thank me later.