387: Life o’ the Party

Musicology (2004)
Self-centred, inorganic, but deeply and weirdly funky, this bullish song about high-status partying sounds like a 21st century reimagining of how the upper decks on the Titanic would soirée after hearing about what happens after-hours below in steerage. A jealous, monied reply to the real life o’ the party beneath the Plimsoll line. Three minutes in when the much lauded party arrives, it’s a spiky, staccato Latin affair that quickly descends into barbs thrown at Prince’s critics (“‘he don’t play the hits no more, plus I thought he was gay'”) and Michael Jackson (“my voice is getter higher and I ain’t never had my nose done, that’s the other guy”). This mix of disdain, ego and forced joviality creates a delectable cocktail and Prince plays the pouting preenster so well – a side of his psyche that he can tap into for devastating comic effect. Clattering percussion, spat lyrics and a jarring chorus presents you with a party that you wouldn’t ever want to attend but as long as this isn’t your world it makes for a great listen.