236: Ol’ Skool Company

MPLSound (2009)
Prince berates it back to the old school with a funky Camille grumblefest. Camille is now old and cranky and complaining about wealth inequality, the current state of music and, ironically, people who complain. For somebody telling us they’d rather not reminisce, they spend a lot of time getting nostalgic about music and traditional family values back in the day. I guess that Better With Time sentiment of the preceding song didn’t last long. If Ol’ Skool Company was an acapella it would be a pitched-up Grandpa Simpson telling those pesky kids to get off his lawn, but luckily, like with Musicology, Prince flashes his credentials. A meaty Minneapolis Sound beat reminds us whose genre it is, and when the gripes stop and the guitar sings I forgive all contradictions and build a pyre of my entire CD collection in solidarity.