210: Shy

The Gold Experience (1995)
The footsteps that sync with the first minute of Shy lead us into a tale of revenge killing and gang initiation. It’s all over the top and even the singer believes he’s being spun a yarn, but we’re suckered in like a surprisingly good TV movie. It certainly sounds like one. You can almost see the red street lights reflecting in puddles as the opening credits roll. A lone figure walking with their back to us, soundtracked by city noise and a lone tambourine. And then we’re taken on a rain-drenched journey while Prince’s guitar gently weeps… and shouts and laughs and teases. The use of slide is reminiscent of Vicki Waiting – another song about an attractive girl amid urban decay – and adds to the early 90s movie vibe. If it were a film, it would be one of those where you’re left feeling exhilarated at the end, despite not being able to recall a single plot detail.