189: Letitgo

Come (1994)
Long before Disney weaponised the phrase, Letitgo reached number 30 in the UK charts and was one of the few Prince songs I enjoyed before I became a fan. At the time I may not even have been aware who sung it, but it has merged with memories of long summers in the early to mid-90s, where R&B and soulful hip-hop drifted out of car windows like cigarette smoke. Even now I find it indelibly linked to tunes like SWV’s Right Here and Domino’s Ghetto Jam. Which raises an interesting dilemma. Do I rate these songs’ greatness on past feelings or their continued power to surprise and delight? I’m leaning more towards the latter. I still enjoy Letitgo but its moment in the sun has passed. Now it serves as a cloud of nostalgic fuzziness to sink into and reminisce. Nostalgia’s a fun drug but it will mess your life up. Just say no, kids.