377: No Call U

Unreleased (1982)
A three minute slice of synth rockabilly in the Delirious / Jack U Off mode. Obviously Delirious is an infinitely greater song, meaning that demos like No Call U and Turn It Up are often overlooked, but even so they still retain a dark, unhinged power. Nuggets of delirium found in the vault’s backwaters. If Elvis’s twin brother Jesse had lived to see the eighties I like to think that he would be on a dive bar tour, mimicking his sibling’s gyrations to sleaze funk like this. Half-heartedly leering / sneering at the sparse crowd, as wall-sweat drips from the light fittings into the beaten-up synths. Later, Jill Jones and Vanity also tried lending their vocals to the track but without Prince’s Presley lip snarl they were doomed to fail.