430: Black M.F. in the House

Goldnigga (1993)
A hilarious, riotous ride through a bigot-mocking, stereotype-toting, Deliverance-quoting, pig-squealing bar brawl. A high-energy funk feud that’s daft comedy at first glance but has some incendiary, hard-hitting language lurking within, underlining (rather than undermining) the final “end racism now” stamp. It kicks off with the same Chambers Brothers harmonica sample that crops up in the middle of Thieves in the Temple, sounding here like a hen house being upended, while Tony M argues with white door staff protecting their establishment from the “black muthafuckers in the house”. They gain entry and hilarity ensues with Prince’s dusting off his finest Deep South impression as his presence is heard for the first time on this NPG album as one of the song’s yeehawing rednecks. The solo after he shouts “u gonna play the piano or just bang on it?” is easily missed amongst the commotion but gives you a feel of what a barnstorming live track this would have been. The song’s ambition is breathtaking, the comic timing spot on and the radio-antagonistic lyrics, deplorable in other contexts, are made palatable by its slapstick setting and humorously highlights the absurdity of racism.