212: Feel U Up

Unreleased (1981) / Partyman single (1989)
Ahh Camile. Feel U Up was a below-par outtake and if you hadn’t revived it with your patented brand of sleaze it would have remained a Controversy-era footnote, notable only for providing the horns for (I Like) Funky Music. Camille vocals improve any song. Fact. It’s no coincidence all but one song recorded for the Camille album found a home elsewhere when the project was abandoned. And the one that got away was Rebirth of the Flesh, his greatest unreleased track IMHO. Feel U Up has Irresistible Bitch drums (back in the day it was part of the same sequence) and it’s almost as perversely persuasive. But use responsibly. I’ve just listened to the long stroke version three times in a row – turned up extra loud to drown out a group of singing Santas on my train – and I think I may have irrevocably damaged a part of my brain. The human body isn’t designed to withstand hearing that amount of diseased desire.