477: Goldnigga

Goldnigga (1993)
Snaking its way through the NPG album of the same name this three-part groove was originally one full song but got carved up into intro, interval and outro. It acts in a way similar to the ginga in capoeira in that it’s a fluid state of movement, readying for an attack that bursts forth from the album’s more energetic tracks. Or at least that would be the case if the album wasn’t bogged down with those useless skits (or segues) that litter the genre (thanks for that De La Soul!) resulting in a stuttered flow. They even bleed into parts 2 and 3 of this triptych too but ignore the vocals it’s all about the languid but poised undercurrent. Sax and DJ scratches drift by as welcome flotsam and jetsam while Tony M swaggers about as if he owned the sea. Tony, it’s not about you.