373: 319

The Gold Experience (1995)
Prince indulges in his favourite dessert of PeachCream with a snap-happy, rock vignette of a lewd photo shoot in hotel room number 319 – a combination of digits that for almost two decades now I’ve been unable to see or read without internally launching into this song. It was allegedly written about Elizabeth Berkley who would later pole dance to it in the turkey skinflick Showgirls, but I prefer to believe the photographer’s model is Darling Nikki, fresh from the lobby and heading back to her castle after posing for some snaps, that in a homage to Kiss compels Prince to dance at the start of the bridge. The fact this doesn’t rank at #319 frustrates me, as does the realisation that if only the track had started midway through the preceding segue – after the NPG operator but before the intro – it would have been 3:19 long. But the so-wrong-it’s-right Blow Up vibes more than makes amends. It’s filthy cute and you know it.