385: Sexmesexmenot

The Chocolate Invasion (2004)
Prince sends this daisycutter of a synth groover low and hard into the front row, exploding a hundred ripening libidos with his filthiest song since he rewrote the Kamasutra on 18 & Over. First surfacing in 2001 and released in full three years later, it’s one of a surprisingly high number of songs that shatter the common illusion that Prince cleaned up his act after becoming a Jehovah’s Witness. The swear words may have ceased but the sex songs certainly didn’t and if anything they got even more immature, with Sexmesexmenot featuring lines such as “I’m gonna wet your pants” and a less than subtle pepper grinder euphemism. It’s the fourth dirty song on the album and we’re only on track 5 but all hopes that he’s regained his filthy mojo to 1994’s Come levels are dashed during the album’s next track Vavoom, a sterile Peach where he’s wearing his O face but totally faking it.