466: Glam Slam ’91

Unreleased (1990)
Sharing only the name and vocal hook from the Lovesexy track, this unreleased gem is more of a cross between a Love Machine remix and an embryonic Gett Off. Falsetto vocals, squealing horns and a bassline that walks up and down the scales of happy hour abandonment makes this track beam with the power of a thousand sugar moons. Prince takes the beats and sax left over from the aforementioned Love Machine, turns the chorus from Glam Slam into a jingle for his Minneapolis nightclub and then lays down a vocal template for what will become the gargantuan Gett Off. It makes his nightclub sound like a 1930s neon rap palace. Duke Ellington doing windmills on day-glo linoleum. Baseball-capped flappers battle-rapping with élan. Four floors of jazz and party rap. Actually on second thoughts that sounds like a terrible place but this five minute audio-flyer is a halcyonic toe-tapper.