392: Glam Slam

Lovesexy (1988)
The second single from Lovesexy features a child-like melody backed by an elaborate composition and has filthier lyrics than first impressions suggest. Do what a butterfly? It didn’t make huge waves on release, nor later when it was left off his 1993 Hits collection (it was however included on 2016’s 4ever comp but neglectedly mis-labelled by Amazon on the pre-order as Grand Slam). Glam Slam is the weakest song on Lovesexy but that’s like having the title of poorest billionaire. It’s still a breathtaking whirl of textures that does funny things to my disposition and without the pattycake chorus would rank a hundred, two hundred places higher. The last two minutes are a vamp of nymph-like synths and an outro to cleanse the palate before the acid-sharp intensity of Anna Stesia is unleashed. The fuzz before the epiphany. Wear as cloud armour and run towards fire.