249: Laydown

20ten (2010)
Aeons ago, a diminutive humanoid calling himself The Purple Yoda performed We Will Rock You at the Intergalactic Super Bowl. Against a night-coloured backdrop sequinned with galaxies, the silver-clad singer fired off flaming arcs of future funk which lit up the surrounding star systems and caused new religions to be founded. One of these astral volleys eventually reached Earth in the year 2010AD; the music dimmed like distant starlight, a faint echo of its fiery past. The inhabitants were unsure what to do with this strange specimen and to prevent a mass panic decided to bury it as a secret track on a largely ignored album. And there it still lies, occasionally greeting travellers exploring the outer reaches of Prince’s discography and rewarding them with a gift of a conch shell which will instantly transport the listener back to Cassiopeia and the greatest half-time show in the universe’s history.