242: 2morrow

Crystal Ball (1998)
Poor 2morrow. It doesn’t receive a lot of attention buried in a 3CD set of outtakes, with a name easily mixed up with 2gether or 2nite. But what class is hidden within. Prince puts The Most Beautiful Girl in the World and Come into a cocktail shaker and pours out a smooth blend of horn-infused, jazzy R’n’B. A Pink Lady with hints of lavender and Ella Fitzgerald. The song, according to the liner notes, is about the girl from the Love 4 One Another movie whom a member of the band had a crush on, but who cares for context when you’re hearing angels dance the language of scat. If you haven’t lost all rational thought by the time the synths start singing along to Prince’s falsetto then you’re made of sterner stuff than I. 2morrow oozes sophistication and could easily be a Montreux showstopper but I don’t think I’ll ever fail to giggle like a schoolboy when I mishear the third line as “I wanna kiss your butt…”