239: Space

Come (1993)
After having our mind expertly teased away from our body on Come’s title track there’s no respite. The last blast of horns have barely faded and the strings are still hanging in the air when a distant drum loop starts (like Led Zepelin’s When the Levy Breaks heard from space) and we suddenly realise just how far above the earth’s summit we’ve ascended. NASA chatter, beautiful and incomprehensible as birdsong, soon dissipates along with our inner monologue and we’re left outside our thoughts, free to explore the arcana of the cosmos. Virgin souls swimming in a limitless ocean of aether while our ears are being massaged in another realm. It’s an experience that would later explode into a million remixes, including a Madhouse aquatic jazz remake, but none will match that first Space walk where the strobing stars sync with our firing synapses.