437: For You

For You (1978)
In the year of my birth, on this debut track, Prince gifts us the words “all of this and more is for you, with love, sincerity and deepest care, my life with you I share” and so begins a cyclonic 38 year solo career that ends with the resolute parting words “that’s it!” on Big City. Sung with the tongues of men and of angels it sounds like a million demos played at once, revealing a platonic solid of pure devotion. An ascending salutation to the heavens heralding the birth of a new god (Prince, not me). A twee-less Free Design harmonising with innocent Sirens. For You (too early for princebonics to be called 4 U) is the perfect opener. Light to Had U‘s shade. An embarkation point into his mountainous discography and beyond the fixed stars. It would also become a popular live intro of his, particularly during 1990’s Nude and 2015’s HitnRun tours, with the latter intro even being released in the form of the track Million $ Show causing both his first and penultimate albums to start with this Elysian acapella. Part of me would be happy for them all to.