395: Animal Kingdom

The Truth (1998)
A PETA-approved response to a Spike Lee Got Milk? ad, from a newly-converted vegan Prince. Co-written by Rhonda Smith, who also contributed bass, the lyrics are as preachy as The Artist gets but because they’re sung in a distorted, inhuman voice it tempers the hectoring finger-wag and makes them sound instead like a sermon being transmitted by the entire biomass of the ocean. It even features a verse sung in what sounds like Dolphinese. Your reaction to this song may depend on whether you agree with the sentiment or not. I eat meat but I also do truly believe that vegetarianism is the next rung on our evolutionary ladder, that better people than myself are already scaling. Veganism however is a different kettle of tofu. Who in their right mind would voluntarily give up that “funky, funky blue cheese”?