455: Valentina

MPLSound (2009)
In 2009 Prince wrote Valentina about wanting to (and we can only assume this is euphemistically) party with Salma Hayek and haven written well over a thousand songs by that point (including a similar proposition to Ms. Crawford in Cindy C) he was obviously looking for a new lyrical angle. And oh boy did he find it. In a pervy take on Hey Jude the song is addressed to Hayek’s baby daughter, Valentina, asking her to tell her mama to give him a call after “she’s all worn out from those late night feedings”. Ooookay then. Luckily it’s more goofy than creepy (unless of course you’re Salma) and it’s good to see that Prince still has the knack of courting controversy in these more permissible times. There’s a lazy summer haze permeating throughout and the lumbering beat is audibly feeling the effect of one too many pool party margaritas. It’s fun but the real action starts when it leaves Hey Macarena territory and a soaring Santana-style guitar makes its entrance, vivid in red velvet and ermine, lending the track a regal air that it doesn’t deserve. An eagle resting atop a pink inflatable cactus, devouring a pool noodle.