247: Mr Goodnight

Planet Earth (2007)
Since Mr Happy Prince has rewritten his playboy playbook. No longer the bluntly unromantic “dinner at eight, then intercourse at my place” – now it’s all private jets and mouthfuls of chocolate-covered raisins. Is this a sign of maturity or is he making amends for calling his date a Future Baby Mama? Mr Goodnight is smooth with fourteen O’s and it’s the attention to detail that lifts the beat above your standard hip this-one’s-going-out-to-all-the laydees hop. The synth washes are like being bathed in milk, and the twinkling “3121” leitmotif is a purple-wrapped gift left for you to discover. Add in lyrics that make James Bond look gauche and you have the finest fan fiction Cyrano de Bergerac never wrote.