173: Sex Shooter

Unreleased (1983) / Apollonia 6 (1984)
Firstly, let’s expunge the Apollonia 6 version from the record. It’s the only official release (appearing on their album, a single, and in Purple Rain) but is a pale karaoke cover of the demo featuring Vanity, who, God rest her soul, was never a gifted singer yet is Aretha Franklyn compared to her replacement. She also benefits from having Prince’s vocals buried deep in the mix like carbon steel rebar. Sex Shooter (a play on a six-shooter revolver) is one of Prince’s songs that gains an androgynous power by being sung by a female lead. Prince imploring us to kiss the gun and blow him away would have been too cartoon sexual, even for him. Although odds on it was originally written with that intention. By making Vanity the dangerous, love-shooting weapon rescues it from parody and makes you yearn for that second Vanity 6 album that never was.