198: 100 MPH

Unreleased (1984) / Mazarati (1986)
Mazarati’s 100 MPH is overcooked. The real flavour is in Prince’s cookie dough. His original demo has a stately intro that could serve as the national anthem to the city they built on Rock and Roll, but then the guitar gets ditched for a pop work-out consisting of a heavyweight bassline, a five-note keyboard riff and lyrics that sound written in slumber (forgive him if it goes astray). It all sounds so effortless. Prince on cruise control. After the song was casually tossed towards Mazarati for their only hit single, their initial reaction was to ask what else was on offer. This resulted in the band getting Kiss and then not getting Kiss but a lesson in gift horses and mouths instead. Oops. When you’re allowed to touch the hem of greatness you don’t get to pick the garment.